Whether your on a hunt, trapping or using the FurFindR or the Custom FurFindR to attract your catch, be sure to get a
picture of that great moment. If you have pictures that you would like to share please contact us and we'll put em' up.
Pic from Patagonia, Spain, Puma Caught with unit
under rock below chin, Bio-Study 2009
John and son with Utah coyote trapped in a bobcat set,
unit on tree limb 2009-10 season
Trail Camera Back Bear moving towards unit
on work 2009
Trail Camera Lion removed unit from tree
and is listening to it 2009
Trail Camera Great shot of Lion
moving in on unit 2009
Tom McDowell Trapper New Mexico Bobcat caught with unit knocked out of cedar tree 2009
Arizona Bobcat with unit in tree, unknown trapper 2009 Trail Camera Lion taking off with
Fur-FindR unit 2009
Dick Oswitt, 2006-2007 Season
This is a nice cat, caught with the first use
of a Fur FindR unit.
David (Mac) McDaniel, 2006-2007 Season
I found one of my old callers and set it up.
Here are the results. Thank you for making an A+ product!
This is a Nevada lion. The first use of the customers unit.
You can't see the unit in this picture, however it's to the lower left. This lion was released in 2006 Season.
Great shot of a P.O.'d Lion by Trapperman.com
Brian Jansen doing biological studies on lions.
Here's another lion taking a unit away.
Night Picture taken Oct-8-07.
Colorado Trail Camera Biological Study
Ernie Current - Cuba, NM
President of the New Mexico Trappers Association
Notice the Custom FurFindR unit in the tree above Ernies' three
fingers. This is the first of three bobcats.
Ernie with the other two bobcats caught
using the Custom FurFindR unit.
2006-2007 season.
Kent Butler - Payson, UT
Caught with the use of the Fur-Findr. 2006-2007 Season
Kent Butler's son, Sterling, in front of part of their
2006-2007 Season.
Perry Elliott - Casper, WY
The Fur-Findr brought this cat in from 200 yards away.
Perry followed his tracks in the snowfrom below, he made
a 90 degree turn and went right to the set.
Perry Elliott - Casper, WY
Notice large battery for cold temps. Caught with use
of FurFindR. 2006-2007 Season.
Bill Beckman - Oregon
Uses the Custom Fur-Findr with
great success. Unit is close to back paw.
Rob Stokes - Utah
This is a southern cat, first use of the Teaser unit.
Colorado DWR Biological Department
Lynx catch and release program.
New Mexico - mountain lion.
Double paw catch of a
bobcat in Nevada.
Joel Blakeslee - Nevada
Bobcat under a large cedar tree looking up,
listening to the unit going off.
Theron Taylor
Grantsville, Utah
Stacy Yancy
California '02-'03 Season:

Nice bobcat with very nice cubby set, small cage set. A small cage set. Another small cage set.
Stacy is only allowed to cage trap bobcats. These are only 4 of the 20 cats plus several grey fox he took
this season with the help of "The Teaser". (notice units above the cage sets)

Jim D. Saling - Fallon, NV
Jim D. Saling - Fallon, NV
'02-'03 Season:
One of the many caught
with the aid of The Teaser.
"The Teaser unit helped me catch
40 bobcats, some fox and other
wildlife. Thanks for a very helpful
Jeff Kempf - Iowa:
Standing by The Teaser unit.
Coyote caught in snare
located in center foreground.
Jeff Kempf kneeling by
coyote catch with unit from
background set-up.

Tom and Ryan Jensen with a
tail-less bobcat that was called in.
Another dog successfully called in. Nice large one. Always a smile when
you call one in!

Tom's first whitetail deer in
Montana. 2002
A great elk hunt in 2001. Nice 6 x 6 bull.

Tom with nice brown dog.

"ThisTeaser was placed on a farm, an area where I have never seen badgers before,
I know your Teaser did the calling, and brought it in. Thanks".
Kenn Johnson, Idaho Falls, ID
With the Teaser wired to a fence line, between two fields,catfish ponds on one side and an old growth field on the other, this was the result. I took the unit off the fence for the photo.
Jackie Malone
President, Alabama Trappers Assoc. - Tusculoosa, AL

Tom and Ryan with a double
on New Years Day.

Tom with a coyote in the early days. Ryan with one of his first coyotes. Tom and his boy on
New Years Day.
I had this Teaser tied to a small pine tree in the thicket behind the picture, along a road, field opening, this is the second coyote taken from this set. I brought the unit forward to be in the picture, then wired it back into the thicket.
Jackie Malone
President, Alabama Trappers Assoc.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Another coyote working 200 yds. down from the other set. Your unit brought in the first one and the catch from it brought in this one. Great calling device!!
Jackie Malone
President, Alabama Trappers Assoc.
Tusculoosa, Alabama
Wasatch Wildlife Products