Wasatch Wildlife Products

Wasatch Wildlife Products presents...
Two unique inexpensive squeaker / callers that
will attract animals, without the expense of high
price tape players or CD units.
Be sure to check all laws and regulations concerning electrical calling device in your area before using this device.
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"The FurFindRtm" "Custom FurFindRtm"

The "FurFindR" is a simple calling unit designed for those not wanting to adjust pitches.
Four separate sounds, Rabbit, Fox, Rodent, Bird. Each sound loop will play six seconds and will replay every 40 seconds. Choose which loop you would like to play, by selecting a series of switches inside the unit.

See info on the FurFindR
This unit may look the same, but it is made just for your needs. Customize the "FurFindR" with up to four of your own sounds and choose from 3 time delays. Or choose from our sounds;
Rabbit, Fox, Rodent, Bird with your choice of time delay. All sounds will have the same delay whether using yours or ours.

See info on the Custom FurFindR
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