Wasatch Wildlife Products
We have listed the most commonly harvested furs below. We can handle custom requests, please email us with the information and we will get you the pricing information. All Prices include skinning, fleshing, salting and drying. Sewing any holes or rips will add $1.00 per inch, an estimate will be emailed to you upon receipt of the catch:
Fur Price
Coyote $50.00
All Fox $40.00
Bobcat $50.00
Badger $40.00
Raccoon $35.00
All Skunk $30.00 ( you skin, we flesh )
Weasel $15.00
Mink $15.00
Ringtail Cat $15.00
Beaver $40.00
*There are no guarantees on any tanning.
A non-refundable 50% deposit, in the form of a personal check, company check, cashiers check, bank or postal money orders, is required before any work will be performed. Balance is due on pick up or C.O.D. You will be notified upon completion. Pelts not picked up after 30 days of notice will be entered into Wasatch Wildlife inventory and be used as such with no returns. There are no discounts for your skinning, fleshing or drying.
Instructions for preparing and shipping catch:
  • Do not ship furs without proper tags (or Requiring CITES). Wasatch Wildlife is not responsible for improper shipping. Make sure to follow all of your local, state and federal regulations when shipping your catch.

  • All fur should be kept as clean and cool as possible.

  • Avoid wrapping in plastic at all costs.

  • Do not leave on floor of a truck or in the garage overnight.

  • Hang by back legs in cool area whenever possible.

  • All furs should be skinned ASAP.

  • Spoilage starts within a day on large animals and sooner on small.

If you have any questions or concerns contact us and we will assist you.