All hats are Custom Special Order only. Please follow the Measuring instructions below** to insure a proper fit.
With all tanned pelts there are no guarantees against hair slippage or holes. All hats come with a heavy felt inner lining, a leather liner can be requested for all hats, except the Trooper for a $30.00 additional charge.

Cape Hats are made of full pelts. The face of the animal is on the front of the hat, with the front paws hanging over your chest. The back legs and tail hang down your back. Faces can be left off if desired.
There are limited amounts every year of Bobcat, Timberwolf, Wolverine, Alaska Lynx, Otter.

Coyote $ 125.00
Otter $ 175.00 ( no paws )
Bobcat $ 200.00
Timberwolf $ 300.00
Lynx $ 375.00 ( has paws with no claws )
Wolverine $ 375.00 ( Rare - very limited )

Tail Hats can be made out of most any animal including the above. This hat consists of just the tail and the face, which again the face may be left off if desired.
There are smaller animals available that require more than one pelt to a hat. Prices are set after the hat is made of the following smaller animals: Pine Martin, Fisher, Kit fox, Ringtail Cat, Mink.

Raccoon $ 50.00
Skunk $ 50.00 ( with Red or Grey Fox trim )
Coyote $ 60.00
Red Fox $ 60.00
Grey Fox $ 60.00
Cross Fox $ 80.00
Badger $ 80.00
Arctic Fox $ 100.00
Bobcat $ 125.00

Trooper Hats are very generic with no paws or claws or face. They can be made out of most fur, but long hair lends itself to a more natural look. Beaver is the most common used fur. Otter is very classy. Fox fur looks very striking while Bobcat and Lynx creates a very showy hat as well.
These hats are very warm with ear flaps that fold down and tie under the chin. The inner crown is made of a nice medium weight wool. Leather crowns may be requested with an additional $30.00 charge.

Coyote $ 60.00
Fox - Red or Grey $ 75.00
Beaver $ 80.00
Bobcat $ 125.00
Otter $ 125.00
Lynx $ 150.00
** Instructions for measuring hat size:
Measure snugly around the top of the ears and over the top of the eyebrows with a cloth tape. This measurement of number and fraction ( i.e. 22 1/4 ) is the number to enter on the order form . Or you may enter an already known hat size.
Any of the above prices may change and should be considered the minimum.
All orders require half deposit down that is nonrefundable. The balance of order must be paid C.O.D.
Make payments to: Wasatch Wildlife Products .
Personal and company checks as well as bank or postal money orders will be accepted.
Shipping charge is an additional $ 6.50 on each hat.
With all tanned pelts there are no guarantees against hair slippage or holes.
Wasatch Wildlife Products