"The FurFindRtm"
This very simple calling unit is designed for those not wanting to adjust for pitches and has actual sound bites installed on the Fur-FindR. The unit is incased in a weather resistant PVC. Which is designed to take minor rain and most snow, however you should not place where the unit will endure constant heavy rains, which may saturate the speaker. It is also hardy enough to take most abuse that Trappers and Hunters can issue.

The FurFindR has four separate sounds, Rabbit, Fox, Rodent, Bird. Each on a separate loop. You choose which loop you would like to play, with a push button switch inside the unit. A weather resistant label is included inside the cap, just follow the diagram to select the sound desired. Also inside the unit is the power switch, keeping most working parts inside the unit and out of the weather.

Each sound loop will play six seconds and will replay every 30 seconds. The volume is non-adjustable, but is sufficient to be heard about 300 yards away, by human hearing; animals will be able to hear much further away.

Also incorporated into the unit is the proven Photo on/off switch, this lets the unit shut off during the day, then turn back on during the night, if you cover the photo cell you are able to run the unit 24/7 until the battery’s exhaust. This development has helped to prevent theft and keep battery life at its fullest potential.
Power is attained thru four AA batteries kept inside the unit. This unit will run off a six volt square lantern battery by using the included battery snap. Expected battery life is 5 to 7 days with the double AA’s and about 2 weeks with the six-volt square lantern battery.
This unit will not run on a nine-volt battery and will cause immediate circuit failure doing so!!
In cold temperatures the unit can be insulated with several different applications, some soda pop or beer can coolers will fit the unit, just remember to make a hole for the photocell to operate. This insulation will help with battery life in the unit. Other ideas can be best left to the individual using the unit and their craftsmanship.

The cost of this device is just $30.00 for each unit, plus a $5.00 charge
for shipping in the USA. Sales tax applied to Utah residents.
There is no shipping on multiple units purchased in the USA.
All continental US purchases are shipped Priority Mail unless advised otherwise and paid for by customer. Overseas orders are shipped at lowest cost.
Batteries are not included.
Personal or company checks as well as bank or postal money orders will be accepted
through our Order Form. Make payments to: Wasatch Wildlife Products.

Be sure to check all laws and regulations concerning electrical calling device
in your area before using this device.
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