We have a large selection of processed furs available for purchase. All furs are prepared by Wasatch Wild Products and then shipped to a professional tannery for completion. The pricing for processed furs varies according to what it is used for, and how much of the pelt is to remain intact. For example: a pelt used for show and tell or teaching would not necessarily need all paws or a full head and would therefore fall in the lower end of the price range, pelts used for hats or display would generally need all paws and the head intact and the fur would need to be free of imperfections and would fall on the upper end of the price range. We have included the most commonly harvested furs on our Web Site, however, we do perform search and retrieve services for any furs that are not listed in our inventory. You can request this service with a quick email to us, a special order fee will apply.

Wasatch Wildlife products also provides a tanning service for your own catches. Our fees include preparation by an experienced Wasatch Wildlife personnel and finish work is through a professional tannery. Again we have listed the most commonly harvested furs in our pricing guide but, can accommodate custom requests. Please make sure you follow all of the instructions for preparing and shipping your catch found on the tanning page. Wasatch Wildlife products will not be held responsible for any damage to your pelt due to negligent handling.

As is common to the industry, we do not guarantee any tanning services. Factors such as, harvesting habits and time delays before tanning have a large effect on the outcome of the pelt. Certain pelts will last for some time and others decay more quickly. We do guarantee any workmanship in sewing the article for 90 days. Any repairs after the 90 period will incur a nominal charge plus shipping.

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